Will & Grace (season 7)

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After Grace broke up with her boyfriend who couldn''t make her happy, she decides to live with the best friend. The main heroes are perfect for each other. But they don''t notice their feelings calling the relationship a friendly communication. Is Will able to understand that the girl means to him a lot more than just a friend? He doesn''t need a casual affair no strings attached.

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Episode 1
S07 E01 - FYI: I Hurt, Too

Episode 2
S07 E02 - Back Up, Dancer

Episode 3
S07 E03 - One Gay at a Time

Episode 4
S07 E04 - Company

Episode 5
S07 E05 - Key Party

Episode 6
S07 E06 - The Newlydreads

Episode 7
S07 E07 - Will & Grace & Vince & Nadine

Episode 8
S07 E08 - Saving Grace, Again (1)

Episode 9
S07 E09 - Saving Grace, Again (2)

Episode 10
S07 E10 - Queens For a Day (1)

Episode 11
S07 E11 - Queens For a Day (2)

Episode 12
S07 E12 - Christmas Break

Episode 13
S07 E13 - Board Games

Episode 14
S07 E14 - Partners

Episode 15
S07 E15 - Bully Woolley

Episode 16
S07 E16 - Dance Cards and Greeting Cards

Episode 17
S07 E17 - The Birds and the Bees

Episode 18
S07 E18 - The Fabulous Baker Boy

Episode 19
S07 E19 - Sour Balls

Episode 20
S07 E20 - The Blonde Leading the Blind

Episode 21
S07 E21 - It's a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World

Episode 22
S07 E22 - From Queer to Eternity

Episode 23
S07 E23 - Friends With Benefits

Episode 24
S07 E24 - Kiss and Tell