The Tick (season 2)

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The actions of this TV series take place in the unusual world where real super heroes live among normal people. There is a hero in each megalopolis or there are several ones. Everybody likes them. But if there are super heroes it means that there are those who they are to fight against.

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Episode 1
S02 E01 - Lesson One: Think Quick!

Episode 2
S02 E02 - A.E.G.I.S and You

Episode 3
S02 E03 - Hot Beige!

Episode 4
S02 E04 - Blood and Cake

Episode 5
S02 E05 - Magic is Real

Episode 6
S02 E06 - Categorically Speaking

Episode 7
S02 E07 - Lei-Lo, Ho!

Episode 8
S02 E08 - Joan!

Episode 9
S02 E09 - In the Woods

Episode 10
S02 E10 - Choose Love!