The Simpsons (season 33)

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The sturdy Simpson family takes great pride in their cohesion and tries not to quarrel with each other over mere trifles. They do not go beyond certain limits and do their best not to deserve public censure. The head of the friendly clan is a slightly sluggish and clumsy man named Homer. He can't imagine his life without his closest relatives, reliable companions, and a mountain of delicious doughnuts.

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Episode 1
S33 E01 - The Star of the Backstage

Episode 2
S33 E02 - Bart's in Jail

Episode 3
S33 E03 - Treehouse of Horror XXXII

Episode 4
S33 E04 - The Wayz We Were

Episode 5
S33 E05 - Lisa's Belly

Episode 6
S33 E06 - A Serious Flanders (1)

Episode 7
S33 E07 - A Serious Flanders (2)

Episode 8
S33 E08 - Portrait of a Lackey on Fire

Episode 9
S33 E09 - Mothers and Other Strangers

Episode 10
S33 E10 - A Made Maggie

Episode 11
S33 E11 - The Longest Marge

Episode 12
S33 E12 - Pixelated and Afraid

Episode 13
S33 E13 - Boyz N The Highlands

Episode 14
S33 E14 - You Won't Believe What This Episode is About - Act Three Will Shock You

Episode 15
S33 E15 - Bart the Cool Kid

Episode 16
S33 E16 - Pretty Whittle Liar

Episode 17
S33 E17 - The Sound of Bleeding Gums

Episode 18
S33 E18 - My Octopus and a Teacher

Episode 19
S33 E19 - Girls Just Shauna Have Fun

Episode 20
S33 E20 - Marge the Meanie

Episode 21
S33 E21 - Meat is Murder

Episode 22
S33 E22 - Poorhouse Rock