The Loud House (season 4)

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Welcome to our loud house! The house where Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lola, Lisa, Lucy, Lily and Lincoln Louds! As Lincoln is the only brother of five elder and five younger sisters in the house with one bathroom, his life can go crazy at any moment. Unpredictable rearrangements of furniture and explosive science experiments, searches of a perfect place for a long family journey... There are no unsolvable problems in the world for Lincoln and there are no too small bedrooms.

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Episode 1
S04 E01 - Friended! with the Casagrandes

Episode 2
S04 E02 - Power Play with the Casagrandes

Episode 3
S04 E03 - Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes

Episode 4
S04 E04 - Roll Model with the Casagrandes

Episode 5
S04 E05 - No Show with the Casagrandes

Episode 6
S04 E06 - Face the Music with the Casagrandes

Episode 7
S04 E07 - Pranks for the Memories with the Casagrandes

Episode 8
S04 E08 - Store Wars with the Casagrandes

Episode 9
S04 E09 - Lucha Fever with the Casagrandes

Episode 10
S04 E10 - Washed Up

Episode 11
S04 E11 - Recipe for Disaster

Episode 12
S04 E12 - Present Tense

Episode 13
S04 E13 - Any Given Sundae

Episode 14
S04 E14 - A Grave Mistake

Episode 15
S04 E15 - Leader of the Rack

Episode 16
S04 E16 - Kings of the Con

Episode 17
S04 E17 - Tails of Woe

Episode 18
S04 E18 - Last Loud on Earth

Episode 19
S04 E19 - Can't Hardly Wait

Episode 20
S04 E20 - A Mutt Above

Episode 21
S04 E21 - Love Birds

Episode 22
S04 E22 - Rocket Men

Episode 23
S04 E23 - Stall Monitor

Episode 24
S04 E24 - A Pimple Plan

Episode 25
S04 E25 - Good Sports

Episode 26
S04 E26 - Geri-Antics

Episode 27
S04 E27 - Exchange of Heart

Episode 28
S04 E28 - Community Disservice

Episode 29
S04 E29 - Deep Cuts

Episode 30
S04 E30 - Game Off

Episode 31
S04 E31 - Singled Out

Episode 32
S04 E32 - Brave the Last Dance

Episode 33
S04 E33 - Write and Wrong

Episode 34
S04 E34 - Purrfect Gig

Episode 35
S04 E35 - Sister Act

Episode 36
S04 E36 - House Flip

Episode 37
S04 E37 - Don't You Fore-get About Me

Episode 38
S04 E38 - Tough Cookies

Episode 39
S04 E39 - A Dark and Story Night

Episode 40
S04 E40 - Feast or Family

Episode 41
S04 E41 - On Thin Ice

Episode 42
S04 E42 - Room and Hoard

Episode 43
S04 E43 - A Star is Scorned

Episode 44
S04 E44 - Senior Moment

Episode 45
S04 E45 - Sand Hassles

Episode 46
S04 E46 - Wheel and Deal

Episode 47
S04 E47 - How Double Dare You!

Episode 48
S04 E48 - Snoop's On

Episode 49
S04 E49 - Friends in Dry Places

Episode 50
S04 E50 - Coupe Dreams

Episode 51
S04 E51 - The Loud House Movie