The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia (season 1)

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The main character of the project, Ashley Garcia, at the age of fifteen, has already decided on a goal for the near future. She wants to be a part of NASA, working on some cool projects and doing engineering in a way she can't afford right now. But even without funding, she manages to show outstanding results in robotics and the use of clever gadgets and other tinsel that fulls the technological modernity.

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Episode 1
S01 E01 - Breath Mint

Episode 2
S01 E02 - Spin, Doctor

Episode 3
S01 E03 - Haptics

Episode 4
S01 E04 - The Search for Intelligent Life

Episode 5
S01 E05 - No Scientific Basis Whatsoever

Episode 6
S01 E06 - Me Caes Bien

Episode 7
S01 E07 - Hasta La Vista, Baby

Episode 8
S01 E08 - Go to a High School Dance

Episode 9
S01 E09 - In Tad We Trust

Episode 10
S01 E10 - Failure Is Not an Option

Episode 11
S01 E11 - Unintended Consequences

Episode 12
S01 E12 - Count Me In

Episode 13
S01 E13 - Rewriting Girl Code

Episode 14
S01 E14 - Another Trip Around the Sun

Episode 15
S01 E15 - Episode 15

Episode 16
S01 E16 - Episode 16