The Amazing World of Gumball (season 3)

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Gumball keeps impressing viewers with his abilities. He knows how to be at the center of troubles. This new season will oblige us with friends'' adventures, a cat and a fish. This strange duo, thanks to Gumball, is always gets into troubles. Again and again. And the cat even doesn''t try to learn from his mistakes. But the fish always helps out.

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Episode 1-2
S03 E01E02 - The Kids & The Fan

Episode 3-4
S03 E03E04 - The Coach & The Joy

Episode 5-6
S03 E05E06 - The Puppy & The Recipe

Episode 7-8
S03 E07E08 - The Name & The Extras

Episode 9-10
S03 E09E10 - The Gripes & The Vacation

Episode 11-12
S03 E11E12 - The Fraud & The Void

Episode 13-14
S03 E13E14 - The Boss & The Move

Episode 15-16
S03 E15E16 - The Law & The Allergy

Episode 17-18
S03 E17E18 - The Mothers & The Password

Episode 19-20
S03 E19E20 - The Procrastinators & The Shell

Episode 21-22
S03 E21E22 - The Burden & The Bros

Episode 23-24
S03 E23E24 - The Mirror & The Man

Episode 25-26
S03 E25E26 - The Pizza & The Lie

Episode 27-28
S03 E27E28 - The Butterfly & The Question

Episode 29-30
S03 E29E30 - The Saint & The Friend

Episode 31-32
S03 E31E32 - The Oracle & The Safety

Episode 33-34
S03 E33E34 - The Society & The Spoiler

Episode 35-36
S03 E35E36 - The Countdown & The Nobody

Episode 37-38
S03 E37E38 - The Downer & The Egg

Episode 39-40
S03 E39E40 - The Triangle & The Money


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