The Amazing World of Gumball (season 1)

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He has got his blue color in the world of fantasies that are comprehensible to young viewers only. Only children can really appreciate, see and understand the world of tales and wonders that are opened not to everyone. The world of cartoons is opened not for everyone too. One has to be a real daydreamer and a visionary to understand what the secret is.

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Episode 1-2
S01 E01E02 - The DVD & The Responsible

Episode 3-4
S01 E03E04 - The Third & The Debt

Episode 5-6
S01 E05E06 - The End & The Dress

Episode 7-8
S01 E07E08 - The Quest & The Spoon

Episode 9-10
S01 E09E10 - The Pressure & The Painting

Episode 11-12
S01 E11E12 - The Laziest & The Ghost

Episode 13-14
S01 E13E14 - The Mystery & The Prank

Episode 15-16
S01 E15E16 - The Gi & The Kiss

Episode 17-18
S01 E17E18 - The Party & The Refund

Episode 19-20
S01 E19E20 - The Robot & The Picnic

Episode 21-22
S01 E21E22 - The Goons & The Secret

Episode 23-24
S01 E23E24 - The Sock & The Genius

Episode 25-26
S01 E25E26 - The Poltergeist & The Mustache

Episode 27-28
S01 E27E28 - The Date & The Club

Episode 29-30
S01 E29E30 - The Wand & The Ape

Episode 31-32
S01 E31E32 - The Car & The Curse

Episode 33-34
S01 E33E34 - The Microwave & The Meddler

Episode 35-36
S01 E35E36 - The Helmet & The Fight