Star vs. the Forces of Evil (season 4)

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After fourteen-years princess Star almost ruined half the Mewni Kingdom, her parents decided to send the little bully to Earth. They hoped she would let steam off there and would rehabilitate a little. The heroine settles in a family of good people where a modest teenager named Marco lives.

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Episode 1
S04 E01 - Butterfly Follies

Episode 2-30
S04 E02E30 - Escape from the Pie Folk & Jannanigans

Episode 3
S04 E03 - Moon Remembers

Episode 4
S04 E04 - Swim Suit

Episode 5-6
S04 E05E06 - Ransomgram & Lake House Fever

Episode 7
S04 E07 - Yada Yada Berries

Episode 8
S04 E08 - Down by the River

Episode 9
S04 E09 - The Ponyhead Show!

Episode 10
S04 E10 - Surviving the Spiderbites

Episode 11
S04 E11 - Out of Business

Episode 12
S04 E12 - Kelly's World

Episode 13
S04 E13 - Curse of the Blood Moon

Episode 14
S04 E14 - Princess Quasar Caterpillar and the Magic Bell

Episode 15
S04 E15 - Ghost of Butterfly Castle

Episode 16
S04 E16 - Cornball!

Episode 17
S04 E17 - Meteora's Lesson

Episode 18
S04 E18 - The Knight Shift

Episode 19
S04 E19 - Queen-Napped

Episode 20
S04 E20 - Junkin' Janna

Episode 21
S04 E21 - A Spell with No Name

Episode 22
S04 E22 - A Boy and His DC-700XE

Episode 23
S04 E23 - The Monster and the Queen

Episode 24
S04 E24 - Coronation

Episode 25-26
S04 E25E26 - Doop-Doop & Britta's Tacos

Episode 27
S04 E27 - Beach Day

Episode 28
S04 E28 - Gone Baby Gone

Episode 29
S04 E29 - Sad Teen Hotline

Episode 31
S04 E31 - Mama Star

Episode 32
S04 E32 - Ready, Aim, Fire

Episode 33
S04 E33 - The Right Way

Episode 34
S04 E34 - Here to Help

Episode 35
S04 E35 - Pizza Party

Episode 36
S04 E36 - The Tavern at the End of the Multiverse

Episode 37
S04 E37 - Cleaved