Reign (season 3)

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When the guest comes to court of her fiance, she isn''t friendly received by him and other courtiers. Besides, despite she has to cope with tricks of everybody. Courtyard games and serious political disagreements begin. And king''s son that was born out of wedlock is opposed to the wedding. What should Mary do?

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Episode 1
S03 E01 - Three Queens, Two Tigers

Episode 2
S03 E02 - Betrothed

Episode 3
S03 E03 - Extreme Measures

Episode 4
S03 E04 - The Price

Episode 5
S03 E05 - In A Clearing

Episode 6
S03 E06 - Fight or Flight

Episode 7
S03 E07 - The Hound and the Hare

Episode 8
S03 E08 - Our Undoing

Episode 9
S03 E09 - Wedlock

Episode 10
S03 E10 - Bruises That Lie

Episode 11
S03 E11 - Succession

Episode 12
S03 E12 - No Way Out

Episode 13
S03 E13 - Strange Bedfellows

Episode 14
S03 E14 - To The Death

Episode 15
S03 E15 - Safe Passage

Episode 16
S03 E16 - Clans

Episode 17
S03 E17 - Intruders

Episode 18
S03 E18 - Spiders in a Jar