Power Rangers (season 26)

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The old witch builds a dark castle and decides to enslave the third planet from the sun. A squad of odious individuals helps her. But good alien spirit gives five friends a supernatural power. Now they are able to protect Earth and to struggle the villain.

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Episode 1
S26 E01 - Beasts Unleashed

Episode 2
S26 E02 - Evox's Revenge

Episode 3
S26 E03 - End of the Road

Episode 4
S26 E04 - Digital Deception

Episode 5
S26 E05 - Taking Care of Business

Episode 6
S26 E06 - Hangar Heist

Episode 7
S26 E07 - A Friend Indeed

Episode 8
S26 E08 - The Cybergate Opens

Episode 9
S26 E09 - Silver Sacrifice

Episode 10
S26 E10 - Thrills and Drills

Episode 11
S26 E11 - Tools of the Betrayed

Episode 12
S26 E12 - Real Steel

Episode 13
S26 E13 - Tuba Triumph

Episode 14
S26 E14 - Hypnotic Halloween

Episode 15
S26 E15 - Sound And Fury

Episode 16
S26 E16 - Seeing Red

Episode 17
S26 E17 - Gorilla Art

Episode 18
S26 E18 - Ranger Reveal

Episode 19
S26 E19 - Rewriting History

Episode 20
S26 E20 - Target: Tower

Episode 21
S26 E21 - Evox: Upgraded

Episode 22
S26 E22 - Scrozzle's Revenge