NCIS s16

NCIS (season 16)

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At the center of this TV show are special agents of Criminal Investigation Service of US Navy Department. They are real professionals. Every day these people have to cope with lots of various crimes related to water. The main heroes clearly realize the entire seriousness and responsibility of their profession. This is why they often risk their lives because lives of innocent people are always at stake. They became victims of circumstances, being in wrong time in wrong place.

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Episode 1
S16 E01 - Destiny's Child

Episode 2
S16 E02 - Love Thy Neighbor

Episode 3
S16 E03 - Boom

Episode 4
S16 E04 - Third Wheel

Episode 5
S16 E05 - Fragments

Episode 6
S16 E06 - Beneath the Surface

Episode 7
S16 E07 - A Thousand Words

Episode 8
S16 E08 - Friendly Fire

Episode 9
S16 E09 - Tailing Angie

Episode 10
S16 E10 - What Child Is This?

Episode 11
S16 E11 - Toil and Trouble

Episode 12
S16 E12 - The Last Link

Episode 13
S16 E13 - She

Episode 14
S16 E14 - Once Upon a Tim

Episode 15
S16 E15 - Crossing the Line

Episode 16
S16 E16 - Bears and Cubs

Episode 17
S16 E17 - Silent Service

Episode 18
S16 E18 - Mona Lisa

Episode 19
S16 E19 - Perennial

Episode 20
S16 E20 - Hail & Farewell

Episode 21
S16 E21 - Judge, Jury...

Episode 22
S16 E22 - ...and Executioner

Episode 23
S16 E23 - Lost Time

Episode 24
S16 E24 - Alternate Twilight