She meets her new friends. Scrappy Rainbow Dash, snappy dresser Rarity, hard-working Applejack, shy Fluttershy and very funny and unpredictable Pinkie Pie. Together they solve all the problems and go to the new discoveries. Twilight and her friends always learn something new about friendship.

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Episode 1
S09 E01 - The Beginning of the End (1)

Episode 2
S09 E02 - The Beginning of the End (2)

Episode 3
S09 E03 - Uprooted

Episode 4
S09 E04 - Sparkle's Seven

Episode 5
S09 E05 - The Point of No Return

Episode 6
S09 E06 - Common Ground

Episode 7
S09 E07 - She's All Yak

Episode 8
S09 E08 - Frenemies

Episode 9
S09 E09 - Sweet and Smoky

Episode 10
S09 E10 - Going to Seed

Episode 11
S09 E11 - Student Counsel

Episode 12
S09 E12 - The Last Crusade

Episode 13
S09 E13 - Between Dark and Dawn

Episode 14
S09 E14 - The Last Laugh

Episode 15
S09 E15 - 2, 4, 6, Greaaat

Episode 16
S09 E16 - A Trivial Pursuit

Episode 17
S09 E17 - The Summer Sun Setback

Episode 18
S09 E18 - She Talks to Angel

Episode 19
S09 E19 - Dragon Dropped

Episode 20
S09 E20 - A Horse Shoe In

Episode 21
S09 E21 - Daring Doubt

Episode 22
S09 E22 - Growing Up Is Hard to Do

Episode 23
S09 E23 - The Big Mac Question

Episode 24
S09 E24 - The Ending of the End (1)

Episode 25
S09 E25 - The Ending of the End (2)

Episode 26
S09 E26 - The Last Problem