Murdoch Mysteries (season 12)

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The actions take place in the end of the nineteenth century in the city of Toronto where a man named William Murdoch lived. A numerous amount of crimes was committed in the streets of the city in that time. This was the reason why the locals could not have a walk in warm evenings. They were afraid of the attacks of criminals. The main hero works in the police, and he is one of the best detectives in the city. William decided to engage in investigations of serious crimes that maniacs and murderers are involved to.

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Episode 1
S12 E01 - Murdoch Mystery Mansion

Episode 2
S12 E02 - Operation: Murder

Episode 3
S12 E03 - My Big Fat Mimico Wedding

Episode 4
S12 E04 - Murdoch Without Borders

Episode 5
S12 E05 - The Spy Who Loved Murdoch

Episode 6
S12 E06 - Sir. Sir? Sir!!!

Episode 7
S12 E07 - Brotheru2019s Keeper

Episode 8
S12 E08 - Drowning in Money

Episode 9
S12 E09 - Secrets and Lies

Episode 10
S12 E10 - Pirates of the Great Lakes

Episode 11
S12 E11 - Annabella Cinderella

Episode 12
S12 E12 - Six of the Best

Episode 13
S12 E13 - Murdoch and the Undetectable Man

Episode 14
S12 E14 - Sins of the Father

Episode 15
S12 E15 - One Minute to Murder

Episode 16
S12 E16 - The Manual for Murder

Episode 17
S12 E17 - Darkness Before Dawn (1)

Episode 18
S12 E18 - Darkness Before Dawn (2)

Episode 19
S12 E19 - Episode 19