Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (season 22)

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The main characters of the project are employees of the special division for criminal matters, who specialize in the most complex and complicated crimes. It often happens that a person can commit an illegal action as a result of a quick temper, or because of hopelessness, which ultimately has its negative consequences. There are cases when the situation gets out of control of a mentally ill person who in a fit of anger or in a state of passion can kill, or cause serious harm to another.

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Episode 1
S22 E01 - Guardians and Gladiators

Episode 2
S22 E02 - Ballad of Dwight and Irena

Episode 3
S22 E03 - Remember Me In Quarantine

Episode 4
S22 E04 - Sightless in a Savage Land

Episode 5
S22 E05 - Turn Me On, Take Me Private

Episode 6
S22 E06 - The Long Arm of the Witness

Episode 7
S22 E07 - Hunt, Trap, Rape, and Release

Episode 8
S22 E08 - The Only Way Out Is Through

Episode 9
S22 E09 - Return of the Prodigal Son (I)

Episode 10
S22 E10 - Welcome to the Pedo Motel

Episode 11
S22 E11 - Our Words Will Not Be Heard

Episode 12
S22 E12 - In The Year We All Fell Down

Episode 13
S22 E13 - Trick-Rolled at the Moulin (I)

Episode 14
S22 E14 - Post-Graduate Psychopath

Episode 15
S22 E15 - What Can Happen in the Dark

Episode 16
S22 E16 - Wolves In Sheep's Clothing