Find Me in Paris (season 1)

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Her boyfriend Henri who stuck in the past is doing everything possible to return his beloved girl home. Meanwhile, Lena tries to fit into the unfamiliar realities of the future. She attends high school and ballet classes.

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Episode 1
S01 E01 - The Portal of the Opera

Episode 2
S01 E02 - Rooftop Hip-Hop

Episode 3
S01 E03 - Together Again

Episode 4
S01 E04 - Just Dance

Episode 5
S01 E05 - Pineapple Therapy

Episode 6
S01 E06 - Battle of the Tutus

Episode 7
S01 E07 - Curse of the Fairy

Episode 8
S01 E08 - Twirls, Spins and Dobles

Episode 9
S01 E09 - Faux Besties

Episode 10
S01 E10 - A Pain in the Bun

Episode 11
S01 E11 - What Happens Under the Garner...

Episode 12
S01 E12 - The Chill Method

Episode 13
S01 E13 - Gone

Episode 14
S01 E14 - Time to Face the Music

Episode 15
S01 E15 - Between the Bricks

Episode 16
S01 E16 - High-Stakes Hip-Hop

Episode 17
S01 E17 - A Slippery Pointe

Episode 18
S01 E18 - Oh Brother

Episode 19
S01 E19 - Running in the Family

Episode 20
S01 E20 - Secrets and Pointes

Episode 21
S01 E21 - L.O.V.E.

Episode 22
S01 E22 - They Know

Episode 23
S01 E23 - Spinning Lies

Episode 24
S01 E24 - Dance 'till You Drop

Episode 25
S01 E25 - A Dangerous Game

Episode 26
S01 E26 - Showtime