Chicago Fire (season 7)

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Brave firefighters and rescuers of Chicago station 51 keep their dangerous working. At the center of the plot is a born leader named Matthew Casey and his eternal opponent Kelly Severide. The death of their friend has put the firefighters apart long time ago. Their confrontation is going on. During saving a teenager that was trapped in fire Kelly didn''t agree to Matthew''s decision. The delay led to a critical situation.

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Episode 1
S07 E01 - A Closer Eye

Episode 2
S07 E02 - Going to War (1)

Episode 3
S07 E03 - Thirty Percent Sleight of Hand

Episode 4
S07 E04 - This Isn't Charity

Episode 5
S07 E05 - A Volatile Mixture

Episode 6
S07 E06 - All the Proof

Episode 7
S07 E07 - What Will Define You

Episode 8
S07 E08 - The Solution to Everything

Episode 9
S07 E09 - Always a Catch

Episode 10
S07 E10 - Inside These Walls

Episode 11
S07 E11 - You Choose

Episode 12
S07 E12 - Make This Right

Episode 13
S07 E13 - The Plunge

Episode 14
S07 E14 - It Wasn't About Hockey

Episode 15
S07 E15 - What I Saw (1)

Episode 16
S07 E16 - Fault in Him

Episode 17
S07 E17 - Move a Wall

Episode 18
S07 E18 - No Such Thing As Bad Luck

Episode 19
S07 E19 - Until the Weather Breaks

Episode 20
S07 E20 - Try Like Hell

Episode 21
S07 E21 - The White Whale

Episode 22
S07 E22 - I'm Not Leaving You