Bob's Burgers (season 9)

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The main character of the series is Bob. He owns a small diner where hamburgers are sold. Bob does business with his family. His hysterical wife and three children help him. But they rather interfere with the prosperity of the business of Bob.

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Episode 1
S09 E01 - Just One of the Boyz 4 Now for Now

Episode 2
S09 E02 - The Taking of Funtime One Two Three

Episode 3
S09 E03 - Tweentrepreneurs

Episode 4
S09 E04 - Nightmare on Ocean Avenue Street

Episode 5
S09 E05 - Live and Let Fly

Episode 6
S09 E06 - Bobby Driver

Episode 7
S09 E07 - I Bob Your Pardon

Episode 8
S09 E08 - Roller? I Hardly Know Her!

Episode 9
S09 E09 - UFO No You Didn't

Episode 10
S09 E10 - Better Off Sled

Episode 11
S09 E11 - Lorenzo's Oil? No, Linda's

Episode 12
S09 E12 - The Helen Hunt

Episode 13
S09 E13 - Bed, Bob and Beyond

Episode 14
S09 E14 - Every Which Way but Goose

Episode 15
S09 E15 - The Fresh Princ-ipal

Episode 16
S09 E16 - Roamin' Bob-iday

Episode 17
S09 E17 - What About Blob?

Episode 18
S09 E18 - If You Love It So Much, Why Don't You Marionette?

Episode 19
S09 E19 - Long Time Listener, First Time Bob

Episode 20
S09 E20 - The Gene Mile

Episode 21
S09 E21 - P.T.A. It Ain't So

Episode 22
S09 E22 - Yes Without My Zeke