American Dad! (season 18)

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The plot of the animated series revolves around the Smiths family. Dad Stan is a CIA agent and a Republican to the core. He is strong in body but stupid in mind. Stan has the most masculine chin and always ironed suit. Francine is Stan's wife and the mother of the children. A typical housewife.

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Episode 1
S18 E01 - Who Smarted?

Episode 2
S18 E02 - Russian Doll

Episode 3
S18 E03 - Stan Moves To Chicago

Episode 4
S18 E04 - Shakedown Steve

Episode 5
S18 E05 - Klaus & Rogu In Thank God For Loose Rocks: An American Dad! Adventure

Episode 6
S18 E06 - The Wondercabinet

Episode 7
S18 E07 - Little Bonnie Ramirez

Episode 8
S18 E08 - Dancin' A With My Cells

Episode 9
S18 E09 - Mused & Abused

Episode 10
S18 E10 - Henderson

Episode 11
S18 E11 - Hot Scoomp

Episode 12
S18 E12 - Lumberjerk

Episode 13
S18 E13 - Stan & Francine & Stan & Francine & Radika

Episode 14
S18 E14 - Flush After Reading

Episode 15
S18 E15 - Comb Over: A Hair Piece

Episode 16
S18 E16 - Plot Heavy

Episode 17
S18 E17 - The Sinister Fate!

Episode 18
S18 E18 - Dr Sunderson's Sun Suckers

Episode 19
S18 E19 - Family Time

Episode 20
S18 E20 - Cry Baby

Episode 21
S18 E21 - Crystal Clear

Episode 22
S18 E22 - Steve's Franken Out