American Dad! (season 17)

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The typical American family of the Smiths only looks like a perfect example of the cell of American society. His daughter is a professional cook, and for a while she had to compete with her own mother, until Francine discovered the truth... Stan's son is a complex nerd who often tries to assert himself at the expense of friends like himself. Stan's wife is madly in love with her husband and forgives him absolutely everything wrongdoing, no matter what he does.

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Episode 1
S17 E01 - 100 Years a Solid Fool

Episode 2
S17 E02 - Downtown

Episode 3
S17 E03 - Cheek to Cheek: A Stripper's Story

Episode 4
S17 E04 - A Starboy is Born

Episode 5
S17 E05 - Tapped Out

Episode 6
S17 E06 - Brave N00b World

Episode 7
S17 E07 - Into the Woods

Episode 8
S17 E08 - One Fish, Two Fish

Episode 9
S17 E09 - Exquisite Corpses

Episode 10
S17 E10 - Trophy Wife, Trophy Life

Episode 11
S17 E11 - Game Night

Episode 12
S17 E12 - American Data?

Episode 13
S17 E13 - Salute Your Sllort

Episode 14
S17 E14 - Ghost Dad

Episode 15
S17 E15 - Men II Boyz

Episode 16
S17 E16 - First, Do No Farm

Episode 17
S17 E17 - Roger Needs Dick

Episode 18
S17 E18 - The Old Country

Episode 19
S17 E19 - Businessly Brunette

Episode 20
S17 E20 - The Chilly Thrillies

Episode 21
S17 E21 - Dammmm, Stan!

Episode 22
S17 E22 - The Last Ride of the Dodge City Rambler

Episode 23
S17 E23 - 300

Episode 24
S17 E24 - Yule. Tide. Repeat.